Choosing The Correct Hat Channel Sizes


As with most types of construction components, hat channel, also known as furring channel, comes in a variety of different sizes. The different hat channel sizes correspond to different construction and manufacturing needs.

Standard sizes are readily available from most aluminum suppliers as well as many metal distributors and even hardware and home building supply outlets. This aluminum component is used in many different common applications, including in the installation of ceilings and is readily available from aluminum suppliers.

The type of construction and the features required of the ceiling or the walls will often determine the hat channel sizes that are most appropriate. Different sizes are also suitable for different types of materials to provide a solid, secure anchor for the panels or materials.

Sizes to Consider

The height of the hat channel, or the distance from the top of the channel to the flanges, will be critical when noise reduction or insulation is a concern. The additional height will provide more of a noise reduction factor, and the added height also allows for additional insulation.

There are also different gauges available in the most common hat channel sizes as well as for custom orders. The heavier the gauge, the more weight overall the furring channel will be able to support.

Keep in mind that furring channel can be used to create a raised wall off of concrete, providing the option to insulate as well as use a moisture barrier, which is something that may be important in basements or other types of construction needs.

Additionally, and since aluminum is corrosion and rust resistant, this forms a very long lasting option to create a permanent attachment to avoid having to try to mount wall panels directly onto concrete.


Choosing the right fasteners based on the hat channel sizes will also be important. Wider flanges are optimal for power-driven type of fasteners which can be used with wood or other materials.

Additionally, the furring channel can also be held in place using tie wire or special types of metal furring clips that clip over the flanges and hold to the metal framing above. The larger the size of the hat channel, the larger the specific clip will need to be to provide optimal support.

Standard hat channel typically ranges from half an inch in height to just under two inches in height. It also comes in a variety of different lengths to accommodate different applications.