Choosing a Gun from Firearm Dealers in Saint Joseph, MO


Choosing a firearm is a matter of balancing how you intend to use the firearm versus how much money you would like to spend on a firearm. Firearms usually consist of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. There are some other categories, but these three are the most common types. Firearm dealers typically have all three types of firearms available. Here is a quick guide to the three categories.


Handguns are those that can be held one-handed, although you are much more stable if you hold it with both hands. They can be revolvers, single-shot, or semi-automatic. Single-shot handguns are fairly rare these days. They are usually breech-loaders that either load one single .22 caliber bullet, or they use a small shotgun shell. Single-shot breech-loaders are a novelty and can be used to scare away squirrels and other varmints. More typically, you’ll find revolvers and automatics at firearm dealers in Saint Joseph, MO.

For example, at American Gold Mine Pawn, you can find single-action as well as double-action revolvers. A single-action revolver has such a name because pulling the trigger only accomplishes a single action; it drops the hammer, which fires the bullet. To cycle to the next round and prepare to fire again, you have to manually pull the hammer back. A double-action revolver fires the round and cycles to the next round with a trigger pull. A semi-automatic fires a round and cycles to the next using the power of that fired round, and also ejects the spent casing.

Long Guns

Rifles get their name from having rifled barrels that impart a spin on a bullet. They are also long guns that shoot single shot cartridges. A shotgun is typically smooth, though there are some rare shotguns with rifled barrels. Such firearms either fire a flurry of pellets or a single slug. Both are great for target practice as well as hunting. Typically, they can be found at most firearm dealers.