How Caring Professionals Help All Parties During Adoptions in Norman

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Adoption

When Norman, Oklahoma residents find that they need help adopting a child, or deciding to allow their child to be adopted, compassionate adoption professionals can guide and support all parties. The staff at Deaconess Adoption Services assist clients by offering important services that include:

1. PREGNANCY COUNSELING: Unexpected pregnancies happen to women in every walk of life, and can create chaos. It can be very difficult for pregnant women to make wise choices; but trained counselors will listen to them, and provide information. Staff members offer a variety of options, in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Although alternatives do include choosin Adoptions in Norman, expectant women are treated with respect, no matter what decision they make. pregnancy counseling is confidential, and professionals will meet with women anywhere and any time they choose.

2. BIRTH PARENT COUNSELING: When birth parents choose Adoptions in Norman, counselors support them through the entire process. Adoption professionals are aware of the sacrifice that birth mothers make, and are careful to advocate for them. In addition, the staff provides a variety of adoptive parents to choose from. Professionals coordinate contact between birth and adoptive parents, even after the adoption is complete.

3. ADOPTION HELP: The caring professionals at Deaconess Adoption Services counsel adoptive parents, and offer guidance throughout the adoption. Counselors ensure that parents understand the process and provide ongoing coaching, as well as post-adoption support.

4. REUNION SERVICES: Many parents and adopted children decide to find each other, and adoption professionals can help them through this process. Counselors know that a search and reunion is highly emotional and challenging. They work with clients, and support them, so that everyone achieves the best possible outcome.

5. EVENTS: Adoption professionals provide a series of ongoing events, gatherings, and groups to help every client adjust. These include adoptive parent gatherings, birth parent events, and support for reunited parents and children, and those who are searching.

A professional adoption service can help pregnant women in crises, and support them when they decide to offer their children for adoption. Counselors also build families, and support adoptive parents. In addition, they offer hope for children, women, and families.

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