Cannabis vs General Packaging Supplier: What you need to know

Container Supplier

The cannabis industry is blowing up thanks to an increase in both recreational and medical use. If you work in a dispensary, you know that the most important thing is getting your product to your clients while it’s fresh. As a cannabis wholesale or retailer, packaging can make or break your business. When looking for cannabis packaging options, the biggest question becomes whether to go for a cannabis packaging distributor or a general packaging supplier?

Cannabis packaging distributors

Cannabis packaging suppliers are relatively new to the scene. These companies came up as a result of the boom in the cannabis industry. They work hand in hand with dispensaries to get individual orders packaged and shipped. These companies have built their businesses around the ins and outs of the cannabis industry, meaning they can store anything from small to large bulk orders and know the laws pertaining to marijuana handling.

They provide custom packaging options tailored to your brand’s identity and recommend the best packaging options depending on your product and needs. A big factor to consider with these companies is cost. Since they offer very specialized wholesale cannabis packaging services while paying great attention to detail and a personal touch, you should expect to pay a bit more for that.

General packaging distributors

These companies are not as specialized as the cannabis packaging ones and offer a wider variety of packaging options at a very competitive price range. This makes them a great option for small businesses looking to grow their brands. Whether you need shrink wrap, sticky labels, plastic baggies, jars, boxes, and any other general packaging supplies, they are here for you. The only drawback is that these products are not created specifically for packaging cannabis, whether for wholesaleor retail use, meaning they cannot guarantee your product’s quality.

If you offer various products, knowing the best place to get your packaging materials for each product is vital to preserving its quality. For edibles, resealable bags, glass, or plastic containers are great. Baggies or tubes work best for pre-rolled products. With cannabis packaging companies, you get packaging options created for cannabis products

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