Buy Crab Cakes Online!

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Have a hankering for crab cakes but you live in an area where the nearest crab cake is in your grocer’s freezer? You can buy crab cakes online. You can buy handmade, fresh crab cakes online that really give you the authentic Maryland Crab Cake flavor you are hoping for.

What Makes a Great Crab Cake?

Any crab cake connoisseur will tell you that what makes the crab cake great is the crab! Unfortunately, many times when you buy these delicacies in the supermarket what you get is minced crab mixed in with a lot of bread crumbs and some suspicious fillers. Great cakes are made with actual crab meat that is mixed with a minimum of bread crumbs (just enough to hold it all together). The best crab cakes are:

  • Made from the freshest crab

  • Includes lump meat not slivers of meat or minced meat

  • Are flavored to perfection

It should all be about the crab. The crab should be flavored to perfection and mixed with the perfect balance of spices. Cakes that are heavy with bread crumbs lack flavor and are dry, they are not a very good example of what crab cakes should taste like.

Don’t Settle

If you have never had a Maryland crab cake done right than you have never really have tasted a crab cake. Once you taste the real deal you will never settle for less than the delicious flavor that you should get. Many people do not realize how tasty a crab cake truly is. Settling for less than the best is not a solution to your desire for crab cakes!

Order Online

You do not have to sacrifice flavor just because you cannot get to the coast. You do not have to settle for cardboard like cakes that must be drowned in condiments to make them palatable. You have an option that is as close as your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can place an order online and get the juicy crab cakes that are hand crafted using chunky lump meat than individually vacuum sealed and frozen delivered to your home! Ordering online is a quick easy way to really experience what crab cakes are meant to taste like. Harbour House Crabs is your source for delectable handmade crab cakes that will exceed your expectations. Order today and enjoy the taste that so many people rave about no matter where you live!