Breast Augmentation Surgery: More Than Just a Cosmetic Procedure

Plastic Surgery

As the name implies, cosmetic surgery is often performed for aesthetic reasons. Many women who opt for breast augmentation in Barrington and beyond do so simply because they’re not happy with the size and shape of their breasts. What many of their friends and family often fail to realize, however, is that breast issues can go much deeper than mere cosmetics. A breast augmentation can fix very real problems that affect day-to-day living.

Asymmetry Problems

The human body isn’t perfect, and most women have one breast that’s slightly larger than the other. Usually, the difference is minor, but not always. Some women’s breasts vary significantly from each other, and this can create challenges in everyday life. Buying swimwear, for example, often proves impossible since one breast requires a large cup size, leaving the other cup hanging noticeably empty. Strapless dresses and tops simply aren’t an option for these women, and constantly padding the smaller breast can be uncomfortable and cause a constant fear that the padding will shift or fall out.

Sagging Breasts

Most people consider sagging breasts unattractive, but they’re also quite uncomfortable. When the breasts hang against the chest wall, they can cause sweating and chafing of the skin. The chafing frequently causes unpleasant itching and rubbing, but it can also lead to more serious problems. Open sores can develop and create a risk of infection. Sagging breasts can also interfere with sleep when they drift into the armpits or slide into other uncomfortable positions without a bra to hold them. A breast lift and augmentation can help to resolve these issues.


Sometimes women seek breast augmentation in Barrington after undergoing a mastectomy. Some don’t like the look of their chest after a mastectomy, while others feel as if a part of them is missing and turn to breast augmentation to make themselves feel whole again. Still others feel their mastectomy scars serve as a painful reminder. Battling cancer takes both a physical and emotional toll, and many women prefer not to think about the ordeal every time they see their reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a breast augmentation, know that plastic surgery can produce stunning outcomes that change both bodies and minds. Together, you and the professional team at Ashpole Plastic Surgery can decide if a breast augmentation is right for you. Visit today to learn more.