Boat Trailer Repair and Sales

Boat Trailer Dealer

Is your boat trailer damaged? If it is, then you need Boat Trailer Repair, because you cannot just drag the boat bouncing on the asphalt behind your car on the highway. Tuff Trailer has a huge inventory of parts and accessories for your boat trailer. If your wheels have been stolen, there is no problem to replace them. If you lights are all broken, they can be replaced too. You can also install shelves, and/or toolboxes as needed. Additional parts include electrical items, chemicals, and lubricants.

The company also has a knack for finding hard-to-get parts that you have been unable to find. There are also a number of accessories you can add to your boat trailer to increase its value. You can get a safety chain that is used to fasten the boat onto the trailer. You may also want a coupler lock that is designed to keep your boat trailer from being stolen. Other accessories include a spare tire with a carrier, a gooseneck or fifth wheel setup that is either painted or galvanized, a catamaran package, a sailboat package, and a whole lot more! If instead of Boat Trailer Repair you want a new boat trailer, you have come to the right boat trailer dealer.

Custom aluminum trailers are available with stainless steel hardware, surge disc brakes, torsion axles, and removable spindles. Other features include wench, strap, and radial tires. These trailers can carry boats with a length between 15 and 30 feet with a load capacity between 2,600 and 13,000 pounds. Saltwater electric drum brakes are an option as is electric over hydraulic brakes. You may instead want to order a custom painted boat trailer. It can be painted to match the color of you boat which looks really cool! Painted trailers are perfect for freshwater fishing. These boat trailers can be built 8 feet with a 910 pound capacity up to 40 or more feet with a 30,000 pound load capacity. Finally, you may choose a galvanized trailer. These start at 19 feet with a capacity of 4500 pounds and go up to a 37 foot long trailer with a capacity of 17,200 pounds.

The hot dipped galvanized coating serves two purposes: it protects the trailer and helps it support heavy loads. All trailers automatically have 2 years of roadside assistance. You can’t beat that!