The Advantages of Car Window Tint in Tucson


Many people tint their car windows simply because they like the nice, sleek appearance it gives their car. However window tinting is about more than just dark windows on your vehicle. Do you know the numerous advantages of Car Window Tint in Tucson?

* Blockage of Harmful UV Rays –

Adding window tint to your car windows can help block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. UV rays not only cause your car’s interior to fade, but they are also the same type of rays that have been proven to cause skin cancer. Just like wearing sunblock outside, window tint is an important step in protecting your loved ones from the damage of UV rays.

* Safety –

Car window tint can help prevent windows from shattering during an accident. We’ve all heard about a friend whose been sprayed with shattered glass during a collision. Window tint acts like an adhesive to help hold cracked glass together, preventing shards of glass from spraying through the vehicle.

* Theft Prevention

– Thieves often prey on the most obvious victims. More and more people are equipping their cars with expensive sound systems and GPS devices. Darkening your windows can help prevent your valuables from being seen at a distance helping to deter thieves. It can be a cheap alternative to expensive alarm systems. In addition, much like the tint prevents shattering glass in an accident, it can make breaking a window to gain entry to the car extremely difficult.

* Temperature Control –

Car Window Tint in Tucson can block up to 70% of solar energy. This can help prevent t uncomfortable buildup of heat inside your car. In turn this can help prevent excessive use and stress on your car’s air conditioning system.

Tinting your windows is no longer about just making your car look good. The multiple benefits of window tinting have become undeniable. To take advantage of the numerous benefits including, blocking UV rays, added safety, theft prevention, and temperature control, contact Dwight’s Glass And Tint. They can provide expert Car Window Tint in Tucson allowing you to enjoy your new flawlessly darkened windows for years to come.