Why it’s Best to Buy Tires from Real Tire Dealers in Wichita KS


There are many options for getting new or used tires. Each has some benefits, but many also have drawbacks. Here are some of the most common choices available:

The Car Dealer

The main benefit of getting tires from the car dealer is that they’ll almost surely offer the same kind that originally came with your car. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the only benefit of this choice. At a car dealer, you can also expect higher-than-average prices and service that isn’t very speedy. While you’ll be able to have the job done “while you wait,” the wait is often a couple of hours thanks to the non-tire customers the shop may have to serve first.

A Mechanic

The benefit of getting tires from a typical auto shop is minimal. If you have a flat to deal with, they can usually find a used tire to throw on the car and get you moving again. Even so, you’ll probably use that tire to take you to real tire dealers Wichita KS residents prefer rather than keep it on the wheel.

A Real Tire Dealer

This is the best choice for getting new tires. Unlike car dealerships and shops that are primarily auto mechanics, tire dealers Wichita KS residents use have a huge selection of tires. They also have good prices that will typically beat those at the car dealership. Dealers like Shamrock Tire & Auto Service also specialize in new tires. You won’t be buying old, nearly worthless tires from this store. Instead, you’ll be able to get ones that will last for thousands of miles and that come with a proper warranty.

Just because a tire dealer specializes in tires doesn’t mean that it can’t do anything else. Shamrock Tire & Auto Service, for example, also offers auto repair services. If you need an oil change, brake job, new muffler, or even full auto repair service, just take your car in and they’ll handle it for you. Shamrock has 9 service bays, so you don’t have to worry about being able to get in past all of the tire jobs. They make sure that they are excellent at both dealing tires and fixing automobiles.