The Basic Services of an Emergency Dentist in Riverton

Dental Health

Emergency dentistry is a specialty that requires extra training in the dental arena. These dental specialists are trained to handle dental emergencies dealing with things like trauma to the mouth or jaw, excessive bleeding, swelling in the neck and/or face, and less severe emergencies like abscess, infection, broken teeth or dentures, loose or lost dental work, root canals, and toothaches. An Emergency Dentist in Riverton will know the proper solution for any emergency from reducing your pain to performing minor surgery or setting the jawbone. The following will describe some of the basic services you can expect from an emergency dentist.


If you experience a dislocated, fractured, or broken jaw, an emergency dentist can set it and repair it. If you have a trauma to your mouth that causes excessive bleeding, your dentist is trained to find the problem and repair it to prevent you from losing more blood. The first thing the dentist does in any emergency situation is provide pain relief to make you comfortable while they find out what is wrong and proceed to treat you. Dental Implants may also be part of an emergency dental procedure is a tooth or teeth are lost.


Infections can range from mild to severe in your mouth and teeth which will require antibiotics at least. An Emergency Dentist in Riverton will have to determine the cause of your infection as well as the severity in order to provide you with proper treatment. You may require immediate intravenous antibiotics or you may get sent home with a prescription for oral antibiotics. After your infection clears, your dental health problem will be addressed.

Dental problems that require immediate, same-day dental care include severe bleeding, broken, fractured, or dislocated jaw, passing out, or face or neck swelling. Dental issues that are emergencies, but that do not require same-day services from an Emergency Dentist in Riverton include infection, abscess, swollen gums, and toothaches. These issues will require attention within 24 hours. Your dentist may provide you with prescription antibiotics or pain medications to take before your appointment.

Never neglect to see your dentist if you experience any of these dental emergencies. It is crucial to your dental and general health to address dental emergencies immediately. Willingboro Family Dental provides same-day emergency services as well as general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry.