Benefits of Using Heating Oil in Branford

Oil and Gas

Heating oil systems now provide a safe, clean and environmentally friendly solution for efficient heating of homes. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) stated in a recent report that heating oil now ranks among the cleanest fuels used in combustion sources. Outlined below are some of the advantages of using heating oil in Branford.

Low Cost

Heating oil is a very cost-effective option. Current technologies have developed heating oil systems with low emission rates and improved efficiency. Heating oil, when burned, is four hundred degrees hotter than electricity or natural gas. This means that the home heats up faster and also requires less fuel than electric or gas heating systems.


Though the initial cost of installing an electric heating system may seem attractive, its operating costs rapidly surpasses the initial savings on installation. And, when compared with heating oil systems, the cost is nearly five times higher. Using heating oil significantly reduces the energy costs.


Heating oil systems that are correctly installed and maintained regularly are much safer than systems that use natural gas. Even if there is a leak, heating oil doesn’t explode, while a leak from a natural gas system creates an explosive combination of fuel and air. Even if a lighted match is dropped into a container of heating oil, the flame will just go out.


When properly maintained and adjusted, heating oil systems don’t generate odor or dirt. The sulfur content is now greatly reduced. It is 0.25% as opposed to the previous 1%. Also, the air generated by the system when compared to that of other types of heating systems is cleaner.

Environmentally friendly

Residential heating oil systems pose no danger to human health or the environment. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and has no known carcinogenic agents.


Nearly half the supply of petroleum is generated within U.S. oil-producing states. Reports have shown that at the current rate of consumption, the oil extracted from the ground will be enough for the next three generations.

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