Benefits of Single Ply Roofing in Ft. Smith, AK


The requirements of commercial and industrial roofs often differ substantially from residential properties. For one thing, commercial roofs typically need to be flat to accommodate large climate-control units and other structures, which creates some unique concerns. They also tend to be much larger than residential roofs.

Taking these unique concerns into account, it should be obvious that residential roofing materials just won’t cut it. Instead, commercial and industrial property owners might want to check out the following benefits of Single Ply Roofing in Ft. Smith AK.

Chemical Resistance

Single-ply roofs are able to withstand exposure to different kinds of chemicals. That means not only will they stand up well to industrial cleaning, but they’ll also be able to withstand environmental pollution like acid rain without incurring damage.

Budget Friendliness

Most commercial and industrial roofing solutions are anything but budget-friendly, but single-ply roofs are the exception to the rule. One reason for their comparatively low price tags is that these systems are available in different grades. Property owners can choose the grade or thickness that will meet their needs without spending money on extra roofing layers that just aren’t necessary in Arkansas.

Ease of Installation

Single Ply Roofing in Ft. Smith AK is quite lightweight compared to many of its alternatives, which makes it easier to install. That ease of installation tends to translate to lower labor costs, which means roofing contractors can often charge even less for single-ply roof installations.

Minimal Maintenance

It just wouldn’t be practical for commercial and industrial property owners to choose a roofing material that required substantial maintenance. The size of most commercial buildings would make this economically unfeasible. Thankfully, single-ply roofing requires very little maintenance, so it doesn’t wind up costing a fortune in the long run.

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