Benefits of LED Commercial Lighting in New York City


Commercial buildings tend to have different requirements than residential homes when it comes to everything from HVAC systems to security systems and beyond. Commercial Lighting in New York City is certainly no exception to the rule, given how much of a challenge it can be to light larger spaces at affordable prices. Read on to find out why installing LED lights might be the perfect solution.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights are much more efficient than their traditional fluorescent and incandescent counterparts. Not only do they draw very little power, but the LED lights also produce less heat. That means business owners will save even more in the summer since they won’t have to worry about their lighting driving up air conditioning bills.

Life of Service

LED bulbs can last as long as 50,000 hours, which means that commercial property owners can expect to get years of use out of them before they need to be changed. Plus, they’re not prone to breakage since they contain no glass.

Design Flexibility

LEDs provide a perfect solution for just about any kind of Commercial Lighting in New York City. They can be used indoors to light up anything from offices to warehouses and outdoors to provide light to parking lots and sidewalks at night. Their flexibility of design means they can even be used as accent lighting to illuminate signs or create ambiance in elegant restaurants.

Health Benefits

Unlike Fluorescent lights, LED lights won’t flicker, causing employees and customers alike unnecessary headaches and eye strain. Healthy employees will be more productive, and customers who don’t get a headache every time they walk through the door will be more likely to return.

Environmental Benefits

The fluorescent bulbs that are so common in older commercial spaces contain traces of mercury, which is notoriously difficult to dispose of safely. LEDs can be disposed of just like incandescent bulbs since they don’t contain mercury.

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