Benefits of Casement Windows in San Diego, CA


Casement windows attach to side-mounted hinges and open and shut like doors. On most models of casement windows, you rotate a crank on the interior of the window to open and close the sash. What that sash is completely open, a tension device holds it securely in place. What that sash is completely shut, an interior latch pulls it tightly against the weatherstripping on the window frame. This type of window is an immensely popular alternative to other types of windows like fixed, double-hung and slider windows. The following are some of the key benefits of casement windows in San Diego, CA.


Casement windows offer a greater opening for ventilation than any other type of window. Moreover, since their open sash can serve as a flap funneling outdoor air into the home, casement windows also capture side breezes.


Casement windows contain less strips of fiberglass, metal, vinyl or wood, known as muntins, than conventional windows. These muntins can obstruct clear visibility through the window. As such, casement windows afford you a clearer and more unobstructed view of the world outside.


The hook-shaped locks casement windows have embedded into their frames add extra security to your windows and your home.

Visual Appeal

You can find casement windows in San Diego, CA to match almost any architectural style of home, including Colonial grill, pushout and French-style casement windows.

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