Benefits of a Having a Pregnancy Chiropractor in Dunwoody, GA

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Chiropractic

Many pregnant suffer from persistent pain in their lower backs and hips. Research shows that more than half of pregnant women experience back pain when giving birth. A pregnancy chiropractor near Dunwoody, GA can help relieve and prevent injury. Here are some of the benefits pregnant and expectant mothers can get from chiropractic care:

Improve Posture

Pregnancy has an immense impact on a person’s posture. The hormonal and physical changes also might cause a shift in posture, especially as the belly becomes heavier and more prominent. A chiropractor can help align the musculoskeletal misalignment through manipulations. In addition, it can help alleviate pain and damage associated with poor posture.

Align the Pelvis

Chiropractic care has numerous benefits to the baby and mother. A chiropractor adjustment can help correct a misaligned pelvis, which would have obstructed regular baby movements. Moreover, if the pelvis is misaligned, it might be challenging for the baby to come out. This is because the best position for a baby to be born is a head-down rear-facing position.

A misaligned pelvis could result in caesarian surgery as the best alternative to the noninvasive and natural way to give birth. Therefore, a balanced pelvis means the baby will have a lower chance of moving into a breech position. Chiropractor adjustments can help in adjusting or preventing a misaligned pelvis.

How Safe is Chiropractic Care When Pregnant

Chiropractic care involves the manipulation of the spine and misaligned joints to relieve stress and promote good health. Although more than a million chiropractic adjustments are made worldwide, complications occur rarely.

Therefore, it would be best to get your physician’s approval for an adjustment. Generally, chiropractor care is safe in pregnancy, except when the patient experiences placenta previa, moderate toxemia, ectopic pregnancy, and vaginal bleeding. For more information visit their website at to know the benefits of having a best pregnancy chiropractor near Dunwoody, GA.

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