The Benefits of Digital Label Printing

Publishing and Printing

Digital label printing offers many benefits to your company. If you are looking for a more cost effective, time saving process for your label printing needs digital printing may be the answer.

Cost Savings

When you use a digital label printing service you will save money as the labels are printed from disk to print without the need for costly plates. This saves money as well as time, perfect for rush jobs you might have. There is no prepress time and you can depend on quality, quick, affordable labels every time. You can also save money with reduced quantities. With traditional printing they often charge higher prices for lower quantities which means you are stuck using the same labels until you have used them up if you don’t want to take an expensive bath to invest in a redesign. You can order the quantities you need and make last minute changes to design with very little impact on the cost. You will also rarely be charged by the amount of colors used on the labels, although with some companies you cannot make exact Pantone color matches with digital label printing.

Dual Runs

Some digital label printing companies can also offer dual runs meaning you can run more than one label design at a time. This is a great way to save even more money and time as you can provide the artwork for two jobs and have them back at the same time while enjoying a price break on quantities.

Further Benefits

There are many more benefits to digital label printing beyond cost savings including:

*  Very high quality offset printing option for labels
*  Line screens are very crisp at 175 to 230
*  Some printers offer custom color options
Up to six color job runs
*  No film or plates required
*  More affordable die cut options for shapes
*  Direct to press allows for easier last minute design changes
Easier printing process allows for lower minimum printing quantities often as low as one
*  Many substrate options
*  Serialization options
Batch identification options

As you can see there are many benefits to digital label printing. If you have lower quantities and want to avoid paying premiums digital label printing may very well be the printing option ideal for your needs.