Before Switching Over To Heat, There Are Things Charleston Homeowners Should Know

Air Conditioning

Many people think the South swelters under a tropical sun year round. Winter weather in the deep South dips into the 20s and 30s every so often. This means the HVAC unit gets flipped from air to heat. The professionals providing air conditioning services in Charleston, SC, want homeowners to know these things before flipping that switch.

Let The Unit Cycle Through

If the unit is on cool, then let it complete its cycle. Switch the unit off and wait five minutes. Switch it to heat. The refrigerant will return to its place and not be in the system.

Flipping the switch without turning the unit off means the pressure inside is too high. This could equal a blown circuit and/or the compressor locking up.

Turn the heat on. Lower the temperature one or two degrees. When it reaches that temperature, lower it one or two degrees. Do this until you reach the perfect temperature. This eases the system and won’t overpower your power bill.

Change The Filters

If you’ve been doing this each month, that’s great. If not, now is a great time to change the air filters. Your indoor air quality will thank you.

Clean Blower

You clean the blades on your window fan, so why not the blades on the blower? You don’t want to breathe dust all winter. If you don’t know where it is, call a pro providing air conditioning service in Charleston, SC, for help.

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