Beautiful St Augustine Grass is the Perfect Lawn in Houston, TX


St. Augustine grass is a warm-season lawn sod that’s popular in warm and hot regions all over the world. It forms a thick, carpet-like sod that chokes out most weeds as well as other grasses. Its broad, flat dark green blades make St. Augustine grass in Houston among the preferred lawns here in East Texas.

Until relatively recently, St. Augustine grass in Houston has typically been propagated by plugging rolls of sod. Now, however, St. Augustine grass seed is also available. If you are using rolls of sod, once the grass plugs are set in, the lawn will propagate on its own.

A wide variety of St. Augustine cultivars has been developed, making this grass suitable for lawns nearly anywhere. One of the earliest cultivars is Floratine, which was first released to the market in 1959. Floratine has a rich, dark green color and a fine texture. Floratine also tolerates lower temperatures and due to its short height, needs less mowing.

The most recent variation of this versatile lawn grass is Captiva, which was released to the market in 2007. This cultivar was developed by the University of Florida and is resistant to the southern chinch bug. Like Floratine, Captiva has a dwarf profile, so it needs less mowing.

These are just two varieties of the hardy, versatile St. Augustine grass. With rolls of sod, you can have a full, beautiful lawn within a few hours. With proper care, St. Augustine sod will last a lifetime.

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