Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Explain Everything


If you are at a point in your life where you are extremely overwhelmed with debt, it is definitely time to consider all available options. After all, you cannot go on living this lifestyle. You are most likely very overwhelmed with the phone calls that you are receiving on a daily basis. Bill collectors who are trying to make your life miserable so that you will give them money that you don’t have. Sometimes, they will even contact you at work. When this happens, you are going to be very embarrassed. Rather than dealing with these phone calls, set up an appointment with a Bankruptcy Lawyer today.

Brent Sorenson & Associates P.C. will invite you into their office to go over the details of your debt. If you are in danger of losing your home, don’t worry about it just yet. Instead, talk with your bankruptcy lawyer to find out whether or not there is an option for you to continue living in your home. Because this isn’t something that you have a lot of experience with, you need to hire someone to assist you.

Every situation is going to be a little different. The type of bankruptcy that you apply for is going to depend on the type of debt that you have. For example, if you have credit card debt or any other type of debt that is unsecured, a Chapter 7 is probably the right type of bankruptcy for you. However, if you have something that you would like to keep such as a home or an automobile, a Chapter 13 would be another option. Keep in mind, when you do a Chapter 7, you won’t have to pay back any of your debt. However, when you do a Chapter 13, you will have to pay back a portion of your debt. This is something that your Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you to understand a little better.

Don’t do a bankruptcy without the assistance of a lawyer. It can be very intimidating trying to talk to your creditors on your own. Your lawyer will do the talking for you as soon as you have decided to proceed. Check out our videos on Youtube.