Avoid Contaminated Ground Water With Quality Drain Field Repair in Apopka FL

Septic Tanks

Septic systems have been an excellent method of sewage control for over a century. They were created as a method of filtering raw sewage so the waste does not affect the local ground water. Earlier methods of sewage control used a cesspool, which was typically a hole in the ground where the waste was dumped. This kind of system performed very little filtering and allowed the waste water to leach directly into the surrounding soil. The septic system prevents this by using a solid material such as concrete to keep the waste inside the tank. As the tank fills, the waste water or effluent rises and is slowly leached into a drain field. Unfortunately, time and excess solid matter can cause the field to suffer and require Drain Field Repair in Apopka FL.

One example of drain field problems is blockages in the pipes that leach the effluent into the ground. These pipes are perforated and placed so that the water will slowly trickle back into the soil. If the drain field is not properly constructed, then there is a chance that the surrounding soil can clog these holes and prevent the liquid from exiting the pipes. Another problem that can develop with older drain fields is aggregate blockage. The aggregate is typically a small gravel bed which is used to filter the waste before it enters the soil. Typically, the aggregate closest to the tank gets clogged sooner than other areas and causes problems.

The drain field is an important aspect of the septic system because it allows the effluent to slowly percolate into the surrounding soil. This step in the process filters out contaminates and is the main reason that quality Drain Field Repair in Apopka FL is crucial. Plus, an overflowing septic system can trash the drain field and result in some expensive repairs.

When the septic system overflows, the solid waste must go somewhere. The first things that become clogged are pipes like the field lines and the sewage inlet. If the issue is discovered in time, it may be possible to clean the piping with hydro-jetting. However, major failures can be disastrous because the contractor may need to dig up the old pipe and install a new leaching system. Please click here to know more about septic system maintenance and repair.