Assisted Living Day Trip Ideas for Your Senior Loved One


When it is time for your loved one to make the move to assisted living in Peoria, AZ, it doesn’t mean that the only time you can see them and spend time with them is by visiting the facility. While your loved one may like participating in the various activities and events going on at the community, it is also nice for them to get out and do other things from time to time. If you want to take your senior loved one out and about from time to time, some great ideas for day trips can be found here.

Keep in mind many assisted living facilities in Peoria, AZ plan outings for seniors, too. So, there is always an opportunity for them to get out and do something besides activities on-site. Getting familiar with a few ideas can help ensure everyone on the outing has a nice time and makes the most of it. Use the tips here as a starting point. You will likely find a few ideas that are appealing to you.

Enjoy a Meal at a Nearby Restaurant

Going out to have a nice lunch at a restaurant is a fun way for your senior loved one to spend a few hours with friends and family members. Make sure you make plans in advance to ensure your loved one’s mental or physical challenges can be accommodated. Also, make sure the restaurant you are planning to visit is wheelchair or walker accessible, if necessary.

Visit a Museum

Consider taking your senior loved one away from their assisted living facilities in Peoria, AZ for an afternoon of culture. You can visit local history, science or art museums, or even the aquarium. If you have younger children who will be going too, then try out a kid’s museum where everyone will have a good time.

Go to the Library

If your loved one loves to read, then a great place to visit is the public library. Here, you can spend time with one another looking at books, and let them check out a few to take back and enjoy. There are some libraries that even host special events, such as book readings or signings that could be fun to attend. If not, just sitting around and reading is a great way to pass the day and something your senior loved one will surely enjoy.

When it comes to taking your senior loved one, who lives at an assisted living facility in Peoria, AZ out and about, there are more than a few things you can do together. Get creative and consider what they like to do. For example, if they love to paint, you could enroll both of you in a painting class at the community college. Just because they are living in assisted living facilities, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the local community and all it has to offer.

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