Are You Too Frightened To Visit A Dentist?


A large percentage of the adult population fail to visit a dentist on a regular basis, these people are frightened of the dentist or they suffer from dental anxiety. Everyone needs dental care, those that are uncomfortable no longer have to keep putting a visit to the dentist off until it becomes a real problem, a sedation dentist in Lincoln Park can put you at ease and provide a safe dental experience.

Sedation dentistry does not induce sleep:

Under certain circumstances a patient will be given general anesthesia which will render him or her unconscious. This is not the objective of minimal sedation dentistry. The sedatives that are used induce a feeling of calm and peace, they do not induce sleep. Of course you may feel a little sleepy when the procedure has been completed and the dentist has finished with you but this will wear off very quickly.

Minimal sedation dentistry is becoming very popular, a sedation dentist in Lincoln Park that prescribes to this approach uses oral and gas sedation. There are no IV needles to contend with which means there is no additional anxiety or pain. Nitrous Oxide and oral sedatives work so well that the greatest majority of patients cannot even recall anything that the dentist did, and yet they are awake and can follow any directions the dentist gives.

It starts before treatment:

If you have a fear of needles then minimal sedation dentistry is the ideal solution. The dentist will give you a tablet prior to your getting in the treatment chair. You will not fall asleep but your senses will be dulled, dulled to the point that you probably won’t have any memory of what went on. There are a number of real benefits to going to a sedation dentist in Lincoln Park; no real side effects, the dentist can accomplish more during the appointment and you can still drive shortly after you are finished.

If you fear a dentist, and may people do, then you should visit a sedation dentist in Lincoln Park. Dr. Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design has help thousands of patients overcome their fears and anxiety of a visit to the dentist.