Are You Being Headhunted; What to Do Next


You may have heard of colleagues being headhunted. What should you do when headhunters for engineers in Minneapolis ask you if you would like to meet? Should you believe the job is already yours or do you still have to impress with your skills and talents?

Are You Ready for A Career Move?

You may be settled in your current engineering work and have no plans to change to another company. Nevertheless, when you know that someone has headhunted you specifically, is the opportunity and the time right for you?

The first stage when you are contacted by headhunters for engineers in Minneapolis is not to panic. You do not have to leave your current employment, but it can do you no harm to find out more about the potential position that may eventually be offered to you.

There are reasons why headhunters for engineers in Minneapolis will ask to meet with you. You must meet at least most of the criteria in terms of experience and potential for the headhunter’s client.

You will need to check that this is a genuine opportunity and not a company just forming a long list. When you meet with the headhunters, you should be on a shortlist.

Planning in Advance

Your career path and possibilities should be an ongoing plan that you are consistently updating. It is better to prepare yourself for contact with the headhunter so that you know how you will react at that appropriate moment.

By using search engines, you can find out about the information held on yourself that will be seen by headhunters. This may indicate why you have been chosen.

Unless it is appropriate, you may wish to organize a more effective and later time to discuss the position with the headhunter. This will allow you to collect your thoughts and questions.

When they email you from their office, it will prove who they are, and you can carry out your own investigations into that headhunting company before deciding whether to take the meeting. This may also be a good opportunity to look at reviews and testimonials about the company.