Answering Your Questions about Sewer Restoration in Apopka, FL

Septic Tanks

Homes that don’t have access to municipal sewer lines will typically use a septic tank. Septic tanks collect all the liquid and solid waste flushed down toilets or put down a kitchen or bathroom sink. For that reason, homeowners with septic tanks should be very concerned about keeping this sewage system working properly. If you have recently purchased an existing home that has a septic tank, there are certain challenges that may lay ahead. For example, if the septic system has been ignored, or if the previous owner has no idea when the system was last serviced, you may be looking at a potential Sewage Restoration in Apopka FL.

The great thing is there are many different septic services that can handle these sorts of restoration projects. However, the first thing you want to do is determine the extent of the damage. In some cases, you may only need to pump the septic tank. There are many situations where an owner has neglected to clean their septic tank at recommended intervals.

Unfortunately, waiting too long to clean a septic tank can lead to numerous different problems. The first, and perhaps the most unpleasant, issue of an overflowing septic tank is return flow through the plumbing of your home. This can cause sewage to back up and leak into shower stalls, sinks, bathtubs and toilets. In addition, a septic tank that has been neglected can often rupture. This can create a very unpleasant aroma near where the septic tank is buried. In addition, it will require a new septic tank. The removal of the old septic tank and the installation of a new tank to your existing system can be rather pricey.

Fortunately, few systems are beyond repair. Some repairs may be significant, while others may be minor. However, regardless of the scope of Sewage Restoration in Apopka Florida, you can still save money restoring your system rather than replacing it entirely. If you’re looking around for a service to handle the removal of an old sewer system or the refurbishing of your existing system, you can visit this website for more information.