An Attorney in Minneapolis, MN, Helps Parents of Children Injured at Daycare


Parents are justifiably distraught when a young child is seriously injured while at a daycare center. The situation feels even worse when they realize this injury occurred because of negligence by the staff members. They may want to hire accident attorney in Minneapolis, MN, to file a lawsuit against the facility. This way, they may be able to obtain compensation not only for the family’s medical expenses but for other related costs as well.

Establishing Breach of Duty of Care

An accident attorney in Minneapolis, MN, must establish a breach of duty of care or the lawsuit will not make a valid claim. Children can be injured at daycare centers because of many incidents that do not involve negligence by the staff members.

Establishing Fault

Some incidents can be ambiguous in regard to fault. If a child falls from playground equipment and suffers a broken leg, the parents may feel there was inadequate supervision. However, accidents that cause serious injury are relatively common on school playgrounds. The Centers for Disease Control reports that annually, more than 200,000 children younger than age 15 are treated in emergency rooms because of playground accidents.

In contrast, when a child is injured because playground equipment was broken, the parents have a better case. The facility’s owner is expected to know when something goes wrong with equipment on the property that could cause an accident. Families dealing with this kind of situation may schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.