One of the most important aspects of any equipment in a hospital and clinic setting is the ability to use the equipment quickly, accurately and effectively. This is particularly important when a patient is experiencing a potentially threatening cardiac event.

The GE MAC 5500 EKG is designed to be portable, versatile and for use in high volume type of settings where the equipment has to be easy to use, accurate and extremely user-friendly for technicians and staff. This very small ECG machine is capable of capturing, analyzing and transmitting data either through the ethernet port or through a wireless network, ensuring that patient data is entered into the electronic files and available in real-time.

Features to Consider

As with many of the GE products, the GE MAC 5500 is practical in its features. One important feature is the hook-up advisor that will notify the technician if the leads are not correctly attached to the patient. This saves time in trying to edit reports or having to go back and repeat the tests when precious minutes count.

Another important feature is the use of a bar code reader or a magnetic card reader. Both are optional upgrades to the system but they are instrumental in reducing data entry errors and ensuring patient and operator information is correctly and accurately recorded.

The system itself uses single push-button features for ease of transitioning between different tests and reports. There is also the use of gender specific software that provides more accurate reports and analysis for cardiac events with female patients. It also offers the high definition pacemaker detection software to identify both the pacemaker spikes as well as the underlying natural heart rhythm.

Other optional features including a range of different testing and analysis software including Hi-Res, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Critical Values and Phi-Res software options. There is also a stress package software that can be added to allow the GE MAC 5500 double for stress testing capabilities.

With the use of this ECG machine, the staff will have the ability to obtain accurate information to make the necessary decisions for patient care. It will also prove a validated ECG analysis that will capture all relevant data in precise and easy to read reports that can be used in critical decision making. This system is designed for use with both adults and pediatric patients, so it is a very practical option in any medical setting including doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinical or testing facilities.