Adderall Abuse: How It Leads to Fatigue and What You Can Do to Stop It


Adderall is a prescription treatment for ADHD. It’s proven to be effective in controlling symptoms of inattention, Livestrong says. It also improves concentration and alertness so patients who suffer from hyperactive disorders can focus.

Off-label use

People who use Adderall for non-medicated purposes, though, experience the same positive results. That’s why plenty of people abuse the drug, with kids popping the drug before the big test. Some even use it to aid their weight loss efforts.

Adderall crash

Abuse of or withdrawal from the drug could lead to Adderall crash. This refers to a condition wherein users come out of the stimulating effects of the drug. Not all people who use Adderall suffer through this, though. But if you have been using the drug for a long time now, then expect the effects of the crash to be worse for you.

Fatigue from Adderall

There are plenty of effects of withdrawing from the drug. Adderall fatigue is one of them. To understand, know that the drug triggers a fight or flight response in the body. While that increases concentration and awareness, when the effects of the drug taper off, you’re going to be left with a mess of hormones in your system. That’s where the Adderall fatigue comes from.

Why it happens

Extreme lethargy is a normal reaction when you come out of the effects of the drug. This is the result of your body trying to recover from the excess energy stores it used up when Adderall was active in your system.

Effects of Adderall

Short-term use of the drug can mean lighter symptoms of withdrawal so you won’t have to worry about severe symptoms and health complications. However, long-term use of the drug will result in severe symptoms and longer withdrawals. One way to counter the fatigue along with the other effects of Adderall abuse, ask your doctor about using supplements designed to counter the side effects or symptoms of Adderall.