A Well-Maintained Air Conditioner in Batavia Cools Air Efficiently

Heating and Air Conditioning

Alabama summers are hot and humid. Homeowners don’t want to have their Air Conditioner in Batavia suddenly stop working. They know that routine maintenance reduces unplanned service calls. Therefore they make sure to have their air conditioning system serviced at least twice during the year. Air conditioners require a steady stream of clean air to function at peak efficiency. Therefore the technician begins by examining the air filter. If it is a permanent filter, then he will clean it. If it is a disposable filter, he will insert a clean one. Homeowners should learn how to perform this function. During peak cooling months, the air filter should be changed monthly.

The technician then checks the air conditioning compressor, condenser and evaporator. These three pieces of equipment use a refrigerant to cool down the air that the air conditioner pulls into it and then blows out into the home. He will first make sure that all of the hoses and connections are secure. The condenser has blades that the air must actually touch to become cooler. If those blades are dirty, there is less surface available to cool the air. Therefore, the technician will examine and clean the blades. This will ensure that the air conditioning system cools as much air as fast as possible.

Once the air is cooled, the ducts carry the cool air throughout the home. As the Air Conditioner in Batavia ages, the ducts begin to sag. They may develop leaks where the segments were joined together, when the system was installed. It has been estimated that leaky ducts can cause some systems can lose their 30 percent of their cool air. The technician should inspect the ducts and reseal the segments. He may also have to put supports in place to keep the ducts from further sagging.

People with respiratory illnesses rely on their Air Conditioner to provide clean air as well as cool air. Ducts are cool damp places that can attract rodents and other pests. They leave behind waste products that that can contain bacteria and viruses. The technician can clean and sanitize the ducts using the same method that hospitals use. This guarantees the cleanest possible air in the home.

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