A Realtor in Goodyear, AZ Helps Clients Find Affordable, Appealing Condos

Real Estate

People move to the Phoenix area from all over the country. They enjoy the year-round sunny and warm weather with the abundance of recreational activities. Real estate prices are generally high in this region, so men and women who must keep their purchase price relatively low have tough decisions to make. Condominiums with a reasonable amount of square footage might be the best choice. A realtor in Goodyear, AZ can show them condos that fit into the budget.

The West Valley

The West Valley section of the Phoenix metropolitan area is especially appealing to many individuals moving to this region. They want home to be in a laid-back, quiet environment while still being close to fast-paced city life. Short drives bring residents to the mountains and provide a large number of scenic attractions. Fine dining, museums, historical sites, and golf courses keep residents busy during their free time.

Price and Size

Focusing on condos in this region allows real estate shoppers to keep the cost under $300,000. People shopping with a realtor in Goodyear, AZ can expect most options in that price point to be around 1,000 sq. ft. Townhouses sometimes are available. The buildings usually are at least 30 years old but very well-maintained and updated.

The Convenience Factor

That square footage with one or two bedrooms makes the condos particularly attractive to single individuals and couples who don’t want to devote much time on housekeeping. Many people who move to this area work full-time and spend most of their free hours out and about. Retirees might use their condo as a home base while they have fun traveling the southwest and spending the summer months in a northern state.