A Modified Bitumen Roof in Dallas, TX Offers Many Benefits to Businesses


If you run a business and are concerned with building maintenance and upkeep costs, you may find yourself checking into a new commercial roof. There are several choices you can make when choosing roofing materials and a modified bitumen roof in Dallas, TX may be the best material for you. Here is more information on the subject.

About Modified Bitumen

A few decades ago, oil refineries began making more asphalt products. This caused the quality of asphalt to lower considerably. As a result, asphalt roofing was not as durable and effective as before. In order to improve the quality of asphalt, modified bitumen was created.

To make modified bitumen, manufacturers added polymers to make it more flexible and bonded materials like fiberglass with it. The process enhanced the quality of the asphalt roofing. Modified bitumen became more durable and lasted longer without breaking down. The results were vastly improved asphalt roofing products. Modified bitumen roof materials in Dallas, TX are designed for flat roofs or those with such a low pitch; standard roofing methods would not be feasible.


When you decide to install a modified bitumen roof on your Dallas, TX commercial building, you enjoy excellent roof protection for many years. Your new roof is very tough and durable. In fact, it resists many kinds of damage from the weather. Hail, wind, rain, sleet, and snow shorten the service lives of many commercial roofs today.

The Importance of Professional Installation

It is not difficult to install modified bitumen if you have experience and the right equipment for the project. However, it is not usually a good idea for the inexperienced roofer to attempt this kind of installation. As a business owner, you should choose your roofing contractor carefully and make sure they are fully qualified and experienced.