Clear Signs that You Need Professional Roofing Repair


There are a number of different factors that may cause damage to your roof, requiring roofing repair in Bellingham and in some cases complete roofing replacement. Understanding the signs and when you should seek professional services from Roofers in Bellingham is crucial to ensuring that your roof remains in optimum repair. Some of the most common signs you need roofing repair are highlighted here.

Missing or Loose Shingles

Intense summer heat, rain and wind and even the age of your roof can lead to weak shingles and cause them to begin to separate from the roof. If there are areas where shingles are missing or curled, cracked or blistered, your roof will also be much more susceptible to damage taking place due to inclement weather.

Exposed or Loose Nails

While these are relatively small components on your roof, they are still critically important. Any missing or loose nail will result in an open hole in the surface of your roof. Additionally, exposed nails will allow water to begin to flow under the head of the nail. All of this results in the possibility of water damage to your roof, as well as the interior walls in your home.

Interior Signs of Water Damage

Any leaks in your ceiling can create water stains on interior surfaces, as well as create issues with sagging ceilings. This is usually due to roof damage or insufficient ventilation. If you are unsure of the culprit, using a professional roofing service will help you discover the underlying issue.

Sagging Roof

If there is a dip in the structure of your roof, on either the ridges, in between the rafters or on the slope, it can mean that the surface is under strain due to excessive weight. This may be the result of several layers of shingles, which is a sign of previous repairs, or from a case of persistent moisture. When your roof sags it means that you will need to seek an entirely new roof, since this damage is not usually able to be repaired.

Understanding the tell-tale signs of roofing issues will ensure that you seek repairs in a timely manner when they are needed. It is important to keep up to date with these repairs, otherwise the damage can become worse, and much more costly.

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