6 Tips for Your Warehouse Storage Racking System

Material Handling Equipment Supplier

Poor organization could be causing your warehouse to be inefficient. Find out how to improve the organizational efforts in your facility with the right storage system. Paying attention to the following considerations will help.

Understand Storage Density 

What is the storage volume of each of your on-hand SKUs? If you have a low SKU, high volume application, the products you handle might be better off with deep-lane storage. That could give you the chance for cube utilization opportunities in your warehouse. 

Identify Your Selectivity 

Do you have pallets that you must have access to at all times? If so, then deep-lane options aren’t for you. You’ll do better with a storage racking system that allows you to pick pallets with greater selectivity in place. 

Know Your Picking Profiles 

When you look for a storage racking product, think about the size and shape of the inventory that you handle. Are you picking full pallets, cases or eaches? Choose a storage option that allows you to pick inventory with ease. 

Consider Handling Equipment

What type of material handling equipment will you be using in your warehouse? It is paramount that the racking system is designed to work with your equipment. Otherwise, you could end up with lift trucks that cannot access pallets or worse. 

Determine Capacity 

Prevent accidents. Design your rack system to your needed capacity and never overload it. To do so will only invite trouble down the road. You could end up losing your inventory, having injured staff, and more. Sacrificing capacity to reduce costs when planning a system will come back to cause problems.

Look for Quality Products

Pick a racking system that is durable and excellent in quality. Consider its reputation in the market, too. With a durable racking system, you can count on it to last you much longer than cheaper options, preventing premature costs.