6 Pointers for Hiring Senior Care


Finding the right agency for senior care in Mclean, VA is a challenging decision for any family to face. If you need to hire an in-home caregiver, here are a few pointers to help you.

Identify Your Needs

Some care-giving agencies provide specialized care services, especially in cases that involve clients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Know the extent of assistance you require before you contact a home care agency to prevent any hiring mistakes.

Check for Credentials

Look for a caregiver with the proper credentials. One of the reasons why hiring an agency may be better than hiring someone yourself is that an agency vets the names of each potential caregiver. This includes performing background checks on the candidates and ensuring that they have specialized training and skills. Additionally, an agency can even provide you with a replacement caregiver on days when your usual caregiver isn’t available.

Ask About Certification Requirements

A reputable homecare agency possesses certifications approved by the state. Check for those certifications to make sure you’re hiring a legitimate service.

Assess the Supervision Process

One common concern for families is the lack of supervisory oversight, as the caregivers work out of the client’s home. If you have concerns over this, talk to the agency about the measures they have in place to manage their employees. Find out who you speak to if any problems ever occur.

Conduct Interviews

The responsibility to choose a caregiver is still yours. While the candidates are all from the agency, the final hiring decision comes down to you. Talk to the agency about arranging a series of sit-down interviews with the candidates. In-person interviews will give you a better sense of each person and how suitable they are for the job.

Talk About the Billing

Prevent any billing issues later on by discussing the arrangement during your first few talks with the agency. What payment methods are accepted? When do you pay? What costs will you need to shoulder? Some homecare services are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and even long-term insurance, so if applicable, see if that will affect the service rates of the agency.

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