4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Catering Company In Southwest Ranches


If a person is planning an event where they need to hire a caterer, hiring the best company is important. Since the food is one of the most important parts of the event, the host needs to make sure that the food is great and that they are working with a reputable company. Before the host hires a catering company Southwest Ranches, there are a few questions that they should ask.

Is the Catering Company Licensed?

Caterers prepare and cook food. If it is not done properly, the guests at the event can become ill. If the company has a license, it means that they have met all of the requirements of the local department of health. This will ensure that the host is going to serve food that is delicious and safe.

Does The Catering Company Have Liquor Liability Insurance?

If the host is working with a caterer who will be providing the liquor at the event, they should make sure that the company carries liquor liability insurance. If a person at the event becomes drunk and they injured themselves, another person, or if they cause damage to the property, the host would not be held responsible.

Does the Catering Company Handle Table Setting and Decor?

There are some catering companies who only handle the food, and the table settings and decorations would be the host’s responsibility. It is important that the host finds out what the catering company will handle. If the host won’t have the time to set up the tables and the room, they might want to find a different company.

What Types of Jobs Have the Catering Company Handled in the Past?

It is a good idea for the host to find out what types of jobs the company has done. If the host is planning an event with a guest list of 100 people and the catering company has never handled an event so large, the host might want to hire someone else. This will give the host peace of mind that the food will be great and the event will go smoothly.

When a party host is planning to hire a catering company Southwest Ranches, there are certain questions that they should ask to ensure that they are hiring the best company for the job. For one of the best caterers in the area, contact Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria. You can also connect them on Facebook.