4 fantastic Hardscape Designs in Fairfield CT for summer

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Hardscapes represent a lot more than simply a sidewalk or driveway to your front door. They are basically distinctive design features that can transform any landscape from common to spectacular. Here are 4 fantastic Hardscape Designs in Fairfield CT for property owners to consider this summer.


After the essential driveway and sidewalk, a backyard patio is the most preferred hardscape. The fact that patios are so common is not to mean they look the same. Property owners can enjoy unique patio designs for their respective jobs. Clients can select the size, shape, design, and placement of their unique, backyard hardscape patio which fits perfectly with the house.

Fire pit

Another great hardscape design for summer is the fire pit. The installation of a fire pit in the back yard provides the ideal location for families and guests to congregate and have a good time. Additionally, clients can tailor the fire pit based on their preferences including having it dug into the ground, hoisted above the ground, free-standing and moveable or designed with interlocking bricks or stained concrete. As it is evident, there are almost infinite ways to customize a fire pit.

Terraces and rock walls

Terraces and rock walls are not only a practical option but an aesthetic feature as well. Property owners are often forced to use terraces especially when their yard is placed on a steep plane or when they want to steer away from natural water drainage from the property. For the hardscape to be effective, property owners need to terrace the back yard as well as set up strong, functional rock walls to contain the soil and set a base for other landscaping elements. Clients can opt for rock walls made of brick, concrete, or stone, and stained in varying colors to augur well with the surrounding landscape.


There are several contrasting ways to design a walkway. Gone are the evenly spaced dark-colored concrete squares. The in-thing at the moment are dyed and imprinted, unevenly cut stones. Moreover, walkways aren’t just meant for the front entrance but can be installed to the back patio, around the sides of the property, or along the border of the back yard. Simply call Giglio Landscape Services LLC for help in designing, constructing and installing any of the above-mentioned Hardscape Designs in Fairfield CT.