3 Benefits of Software to Manage Stock Options for Employees in Utah

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Stock options are a great way to incentivize employees and attract talent. They come in two forms: non-qualified and incentive stock options. Non-qualified stock options (NQSOs) are taxed at the time of vesting, while incentive stock option plans (ISOs) can be taxed when they’re exercised or vested. Options for software to manage these types of programs have grown tremendously in recent years, with many companies now offering ISOs as an employee benefit. Here are the benefits that you get from using stock option software for your business.

Software Simplifies the Process of Managing Stock Options for Employees

Software to manage stock options helps the company with compliance and administration significantly. It can calculate various factors including taxes, vesting schedules, and much more. This means that companies are better able to keep track of how many shares have been issued overall for a particular employee or group of employees.

Software Makes It Easy to Track and Manage Employee Stock Option Transactions

Software for managing stock options helps the company to track and manage transactions. It can be used by employees to record any trades they make, as well as their purchase history if they are trading in shares of a private company.

Software Provides a Single Source of Data That Can Be Used by Management, The Board, or Shareholders

Software for managing stock options helps to keep all of the data in one place. This means that managers, shareholders, and board members can access the same information at any time without having a difficult time looking through various sources or across different platforms.

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