Your Options for Geese Removal in Westerville, OH

Animal Removal

Most people that see large populations of geese milling about a large or small body of water find them to be quite beautiful. While it is true, it is important to understand that geese, while they may look beautiful, can be quite aggressive. Also, if a person has a home with a small body of water or they simply have a well-landscaped property, geese can quickly take over. That’s why in these situations, people facing this particular problem may look to professional Geese Removal in Westerville OH for solutions.

Simple Measures

The good thing is that there are many pieces of advice that a professional geese removal company can offer, and there are also many actual deterrence measures that can be enacted by the wildlife control service to help handle an expanding geese problem. In some cases, a dog is a great option. The dog doesn’t have to be overly aggressive, but in many cases, the dog will do a great deal to scare off larger populations geese thus eliminating the problem.

Audio and Visual Options

Visual or audio scare tactics can also be implemented by a wildlife control service to help reduce the population of geese on a particular piece of property. These are perhaps some of the more humane ways in which a landowner can deal with an expanding geese problem.

Chemical Treatments

If a person has tried many of these different methods without a great deal of success, there is also the option of chemical aversion treatment plans. This is where the perimeter of a person’s property or the particular area of property were geese are congregating the most is treated with special chemicals. These chemicals are unpleasant to the geese, and typically, this causes them to move off of the property.

Whether it’s building a fence, getting a dog, using lighting or audio sensors or perhaps it is using chemicals, geese removal in Westerville OH can be accomplished, even if the geese problem is significant. If you’re facing one of these particular situations, and the geese on your property have become more of a nuisance than anything else, it may be time to contact a Wildlife Control Company to come up with a plan and enact that plan to greatly reduce the population of geese on your property.