Your Guide to Finding a New Detroit Church

Religious Center

Are you looking for a new church? If so, there are many options right in your own backyard. Not sure which to try? Here are some pointers for finding the right fit for your family:

Bible Based

No church can be sound in its teachings if it is not firmly based on the word of God. The Bible should be the basis of everything at your prospective church and be viewed as nothing more or less than the inerrant and inspired work of the Lord. Any other perspectives mean it is time to keep looking.

Family Friendly

All Catholic churches are meant to be welcoming places for the general public, but many older churches feel as if they haven’t been graced by the presence of a child or teenager in decades.

Look for a church with a balanced feel, offering programs and educational opportunities for young members as well as traditional services for their older relatives. When you find the right location, your entire family will feel comfortable and welcome.

Close at Hand

There are multiple reasons to choose a church that is located near your home. The first is convenience; not everyone has hours to spend traveling to and from church every week.

Next is an increased likelihood of attendance. Life gives us far too many easy excuses for skipping church services. If you’re looking to improve your family’s attendance record and get more out of weekly services, look for a church within close driving distance to up your chances of doing so.

Whether you’re a recent Detroit transplant, a traveler, or simply looking for a new church home for your family, drop by Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church this week to find your fit at the feet of God. You might just find that the best church is the one closest to home!