You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Minneapolis After a Bike Accident


More people than ever are taking to the streets on their bikes, getting in exercise and fresh air as they travel. Some cities and neighborhoods now have great bike lanes to make this process a bit safer. Most do not, though. If you are in an accident with a car or truck while you are on your bike, the injuries you suffer can be significant. Because of how extensive this type of situation can be, it is best to hire a personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis to support your case.

When to File a Claim

Most often, bike accidents like this leave the rider suffering from a great deal of loss. You may have injuries to your body as well as complications such as internal bleeding. You need to be seen by a doctor to ensure you are healthy. You also need to consider any pain you have, any limitations in your walk, and any lasting changes in your body’s overall wellbeing. When you meet with your personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis, he or she will provide you with guidance on filing a claim that encompasses everything you have lost.

Do Not Settle

The insurance company from the car or truck driver will likely call you. They will try to negotiate your claim lower or try to get you to settle fast. Do not do so until your attorney says you should. Many times, your injuries may require physical therapy, rehab, and even lead to long-term changes in the way you walk or function. All of this needs to be a part of the claim you make.

With a personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis, you will be able to get more support for your losses and guidance in how to get the compensation owed to you.