Yard Signs for Yard Sales

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Yard sales are an effective way to make a bit of money and reduce the clutter that can build up in life. Be it your attic, closets, garage, or basement you probably have one room that just has too much stuff in it. Now it’s understandable, you don’t want to just give your things away unless it’s to someone you like, and you don’t want to throw valuable things away even if you don’t use them. Yard sales help you clear the clutter without having to literally throw value away. There are some important tricks to making a yard sale worth it. The best advice is to communicate with your neighbors. The best advice is to communicate with your neighbors. Couple of reasons, the first is that you want to make sure no one is going to be surprised and offended by the crowd, you do have to live with them as your neighbors, and if you can get a group of houses to go in it together you can make it a neighborhood yard sale. The other reason is you’ll likely want to put yard signs up to direct people to your yard sale. Even if it’s not technically on their property asking your neighbors if you can put it on the corner is a polite thing.

A group yard sale is the best though; you can offer a more interesting place for shoppers. The more variety of goods and qualities the more likely they’ll find something they want. The other thing it does is it makes advertizing easier. A decent amount of people will drive around on the weekend looking for a yard sign listing location or directions to yard sales, garage sales, or estate sales. Being able to afford more yard signs announcing a yard sale and distributing them wider so people know where to find you on what days means you’re more likely to have more customers.

Now you might be worried that a shared sale might mean fewer sales for you. Well that is the risk you run, but the potential reward is much higher than an individual sale. Getting yard signs made can be a bit pricey for a one day sale to get rid of your excess stuff, you’re trying to make money and getting enough made to inform people might run you too high a cost to recoup. However if you split that cost between multiple families the cost is lower, the reward is also higher a neighborhood/block yard sale will draw many more customers in. Yard signs are fairly cheap but they can be deadly effective for yard sales and the like. Worst case you might not make as much but you can make sure it’s followed by a block party, having food and drink and becoming a stronger community will no doubt make up for the off chance it’s less profitable.

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