Wintertime Roofing Hazards for Chattanooga’s Home and Business Owners

Roofing Contractor

Winter takes quite the toll on residential and commercial roofs, especially in Chattanooga. Extreme weather creates problems that may lead to expensive repairs on roofs that aren’t well maintained. Here are a few winter roof hazards to look for.

Snow and Ice Buildup

While Chattanooga isn’t always the snowiest city, it does happen. When roofs aren’t properly pitched, it allows for the accumulation of snowmelt, snow, and ice. The built-up water will shorten the roof’s lifespan, as it may cause leaks, structural damage, and other problems that only roofing companies in Chattanooga can solve.

Wind Damage

Because even the flattest roofs aren’t 100% flat, there’s still a chance of wind damage. Most roofs can stand up to a stiff breeze, but high winds will cause serious damage and allow moisture to get under the shingles and into the decking.

Is Your Roof Ready? Follow These Tips

  • Identify leaks early. Ice and snow buildup makes it harder to find and fix leaks.
  • Schedule an inspection before winter. Roofing companies in Chattanooga will inspect your roof and point out little problems before they turn into big ones.
  • Prepare and repair. Contractors will also repair ducts, skylights, flashing, penetrations, and other roof parts.

Get In Touch With the Local Pros

Roofing companies in Chattanooga will look for problems and fix them before they cause serious damage to your property. Visit them online at to learn more about their seasonal roofing services, or call to request a no-obligation, free estimate.