Why Your Building’s Small Spaces Make a Big Impact on Your Customers


You may not put much thought into the elevator interiors Maryland businesses choose, but it really is one of the small details that can make a big impact. When designing or upgrading your company’s building, consider how your customers view the elevator. You have certainly put a lot of time and effort into an impressive lobby, so you want that look and feel to continue when your clients enter the elevator.

The Design
Your elevator begins with a good design. When talking to your contractor about what you need, keep in mind the building’s existing design as well as how it is used. Your budget will also play a role in your decision making, but you still want something that is durable.

The Walls
The walls are often the first thing one notices as he or she enters an elevator. Choose materials, colors, and patterns that coordinate with your lobby and hallways. Some designs like the Smallwood use vertical panels, while others such as the Sheffield utilize horizontal lines. You can also combine both looks, as they have done with the Middleton design.

The Ceiling
Ceilings of the elevator can be rather simple. The standard Newman or Copperfield designs have a traditional, basic look. When you upgrade to the Belmont, perimeters are used around the panels to make a bit more of a statement. The luxurious Grandview ceiling design combines downlights and L-shaped corner lights for a more dramatic effect.

When you invest a little time and money into the interior of your own building’s elevator, your customers will notice. The elevator interiors Maryland businesses choose continue the look and feel of the lobby. These small spaces need to be functional and beautiful. If they are, they will help you to make a wonderful first impression on your customer’s visit.