Why You Should Consider Natural Childbirth for Your New Bundle


When you are expecting a baby, there’s so much to think about. You want the best for your little bump, whether it’s your first child or your third, fourth, fifth, etc. Expectant motherhood is always exciting, no matter how many babies you already have!

One way you can plan to give your baby the very best is to choose natural childbirth. Why? Here are several reasons to choose childbirth the way nature intended:

Shorter Labor

When you choose to use an epidural, be induced, or have other medical intervention in the process of labor and childbirth, labor is often much longer than it might be if you went the natural way. This is because, with sensation-blocking substances like those found in epidurals, you can’t always feel the natural signs your body gives you to help labor along. You end up taking much longer to accomplish a task your body is quite capable of handling on its own, in most cases.

Better Start for Breastfeeding

The setting that most women who give birth naturally labor in more conducive to breastfeeding immediately after birth. A lack of drugs in the system also creates a stronger rush of the natural chemicals in the brain that induces milk letdown. This makes breastfeeding your brand-new baby easier from the very beginning.

Less Risk of Serious Medical Intervention

When you labor and give birth without assistance like epidurals or induction drugs, you are far less likely to end up having an emergency caesarian section or other complication. Without drugs in your system, your body is better able to labor properly, and intervention is less necessary.

Quicker Recovery

In many cases, the recovery from natural childbirth is much shorter and less painful than recovery from assisted childbirth. It is almost always much faster and easier than recovering from surgeries such as caesarian section procedures, leaving the new mother free to focus more on the joy of her new baby.