While the phrase “Buy American!” may sound like nothing but a slogan created by American manufacturers to sell their products, the truth is, there are a number of reasons you should consider buying products made in the USA. From clothing and electronics to toys and home décor, you can find a number of quality products made in the US. Learn more about the reasons to buy products made domestically here.

Bad Foreign Labor Standards

One of the main reasons to invest in products made in the USA is because the standards established for foreign labor allow extremely unsafe worker conditions in a number of countries. However, when you purchase products made in the USA, you are not only supporting American manufacturing companies, but also workers in America, child labor laws and safe working conditions.

Lack of Minimum Wage

Another reason to avoid buying from foreign countries is because most of them don’t have a minimum wage established, environmental controls or proper worker safety requirements in place. There is no western country that is able to compete with the prices some countries can offer because they are willing to pollute and exploit its own people. When you buy American, you are demanding a higher standard of product.

Jobs are Shipped Overseas

As more and more people are buying the cheaper, foreign made goods, many American manufacturers are following suit and going overseas as well. However, this eliminates quite a few jobs across the country each time a manufacturer moves overseas.

Manufacturing Process that Hurt the Environment

There are a number of manufacturing plants overseas that abide by no standard when it comes to environmental and green practices. When you buy American, you can feel confident that the product was created without significant harm to the environment.

If you are ready to make a purchase, it is important to think about why you should buy American. As you can see, there are a number of reasons not to buy items from foreign countries. When you purchase products made in the USA you are supporting the US economy and purchasing items that are made of higher quality materials, without the use of child labor or unsafe environmental practices.

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