Why You Need to Hire a Contractor to Serve Court Documents

Law And Legal

Are you filing a legal claim against another party? Whether you are filing a lawsuit against an individual to recoup the financial loss from an accident or divorcing a spouse. You want to make sure they receive the legal documents that explain the case against them and when the individual needs to be in court. In most legal cases, the paperwork that is filed must be delivered directly to the defendant. While there are other circumstances when the documents can be received by another adult that resides in the same home. Whether directly or to another adult, it is important that a court document server in Toronto ON area handles the process of serving the legal papers to the intended recipient.

Reasons to Hire a Process Server

  • The legal documents must be delivered by an impartial party to the case.
  • A court document server in Toronto, ON is responsible for making sure they are delivered to the right person.
  • If the paperwork is not served correctly it can result in a dismissed case.
  • The case can be delayed if the individual does not receive the documents in time to inform them to be in court.
  • The defendant has the right to have an adequate amount of time to prepare for the case.

Professional and Courteous Service

When people are serviced with a legal notification, the situation can be intense and result in the defendant getting upset. When you choose to hire a contractor from Select Document Services Inc, they arbitrate the process with a peacekeeper that is impartial from the case. This minimizes the risk of a physical altercation occurring and the legal documents are served to the right individual. They are highly-trained professionals that understand the process that must be completed to serve legal documents to another party.