Why You Need Residential Electricians In Newnan, GA To Upgrade Your Electrical System


If you need an electrical upgrade in your home, get the job done quickly and efficiently by calling Residential Electricians Newnan GA. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn why you may need to upgrade the electrical system in your home.

Q.) What are the signs that indicate a house needs a new electrical system?

A.) If your house is over 40 years old, the wiring system is probably not able to keep up with the demands of the electrical use in your home. It’s essential that you update your service panel to 200 amps so that it can adequately supply power to your house. Since homes today have many more appliances and electronic devices that use up the power supply, the service panel must provide enough amperage to keep up with the demand.

The presence of two-pronged outlets in your house is another indication that your electrical system is old, and using three-prong adapters can be dangerous. Other signs that you need an electrical upgrade include lights that flicker, outlets that spark or smell burnt, and frequent blown fuses.

Q.) What electrical safety devices should be installed during an electrical upgrade?

A.) Outlets that are close to a water source must include a ground fault circuit interrupter receptacle to prevent electric shock. Residential electricians in Newnan GA, area professionals will install GFCI outlets in your kitchen and bathroom, as well as exterior outlets, while doing the upgrade. An arc fault circuit interrupter, also known as an AFCI, will shut off the electric power to your home when it senses a fire danger.

Childproof outlets will prevent children from getting electrocuted if they stick an object into the outlet hole. If you have a whole-house surge suppressor installed, this device will keep your electronics safe during a power surge.

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