Why you need a Professional Traffic Counter


Website counters are a good way to grow your online business only if they can provide you with the necessary information needed to grow your business. Simple counters are not adequate as they give general knowledge which might not be sufficient to make informed decisions. For that reason, you need professional traffic counters. This is why;

Source of traffic

Target marketing is effective marketing and traffic counters can help you in this kind of marketing. Are you wondering how? By knowing where most of your traffic is coming from, you can then identify search engines where people do not know about your website: market in those sites to increase your market base. The counter will also enable you to know if the visitors are responding to advertisements or emails or affiliate programs to get to your site.


In as much as you want to know the number of people who visited your site, it is not enough: you need more information about their time of visit. For example, you need to know during which times the people visited the site, how many of them are returning visitors and the times when the web is experiencing a lot of traffic.


The screen size of the device used by the visitors, the browsers through which your site is accessed from, and the equipment used all determine how to design your website. Remember if your website is friendly to access on various devices and sites, then many people will be able to use it.

Identify your visitors

To know who your visitors are, you need to know the sites they got the information from, the links they clicked on, and the keywords that led them to your website. This information will help you determine which marketing strategies are leading to positive results and which ones are not. Visit CountWise.