When you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor, the process you will go through at the beginning is generally the same. The arresting officer will first bring you to jail, you will see a judge, and you will be given a bond that must be paid for you to be able to leave jail until your hearing. If you can’t afford the bond, you will have to stay in jail until your hearing and sentencing.

When the judge gives you a bond, you’ll be able to bond yourself out of jail or, if you don’t have the money, a family member or friend can bond you out instead. They will need to speak with a Bail Bondsman in Lawrenceville, such as Bond James Bond, Inc. and pay the bond. This can either be a portion of the bond amount or done by giving the bondsman collateral that will cover your bond. The bondsman will pay the full amount of the bond for you so that you can leave the jail.

The next step is the hearing. If you have been bonded out of jail, you will have to attend the hearing. If you miss the hearing for any reason, your bond will be revoked and you will have a warrant for your arrest. The remainder of the bond that you or your family member paid will become due, or they may lose the collateral that they gave to be able to cover the bond. It may also mean that if you get arrested again you may not be able to have a bond, so it’s very important you follow all of the terms of the bond such as making sure you’re at the hearing.

Once you have gone to your hearing, your bond terms will have been completed. You will no longer owe the bondsman, and can focus on your hearing, potential trial, and potential sentencing. While this can be a long process, the bondsman will be available at the beginning so that you can be released on bond while you await the hearing and trial. Speak with a Bail Bondsman in Lawrenceville to see how they can help you with your bond and what terms they may have while you are out on bond.