Why Use a CASS Certified Software Program?


There are many different ways by which you can market your product. More and more companies have now prioritized the web over all other means of marketing. Millions of people use the Internet to find new information. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for companies to target potential customers online. However, you cannot discount the importance of the paper. Most people delete spam mail without even checking it. All it takes is a single click to delete all of the mail from your inbox. However, when you receive pamphlets or brochures in your physical mailbox, you almost always check what they have to say before throwing them away.

While postal marketing certainly has its benefits, it is also considerably more expensive. It’s obviously cheaper to draft a well-designed email and send it to thousands of people at once than it is to print brochures and pamphlets and then send them out to potential customers. If you really want to streamline your postal marketing campaign, you should consider investing in a CASS certified software program. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in such a program:

Update Your Database

Do you know whether the database of customers that you currently maintain is accurate? Each year, more than 43 million Americans move around the United States and change their home addresses. How can you be sure that all of your mail is reaching its intended destination? In most cases, it might just end up in the undelivered section at the USPS. With the help of a CASS certified software program, you will at least have the option of updating your database in order to find the most accurate customer addresses. With the help of this program, you can clean your database from redundant addresses and find and match the right addresses.


A great deal of your money will also be spent on sending the pamphlets and brochures by mail. Obviously, you will look for discounts if you are sending items out in such a large amount—and if you are using a CASS certified software program, you might be eligible for a discount. Many qualifying mailers get valuable discounts that they can use in order to save money.

When you use your program, you won’t be mired in technical terms or concepts either. It will have a very easy-to-use interface for finding customer addresses and updating your database, plus a user guide to help you along the way. If you really want to get the best out of your postal marketing campaign, the first thing that you need to do is invest in a certified software program. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your mail is reaching its intended destination and your money is being put to good use.