Why the Quality of Your Hydraulic Quick Couplers Needs to be Superior


There are many different machines out there that work with hydraulic systems, whereby pressured fluids are mechanically forced through hoses in order to move parts on cranes, bulldozers, boom lifts, and much more. A quick coupler is where pieces of a hydraulic hose connect together, with the idea that these connections can be changed quickly for different applications.

Here’s why it’s incredibly important that these quality hydraulic quick couplers are the highest possible quality.

Handling the Pressure

A hydraulic hose that’s only a quarter inch in diameter can have a pressure that exceeds 3,200 pounds per square inch. Just imagine the damage that could be caused if a connection on that hose failed, especially if it’s a larger hose dealing with more pressure. Quick couplings need to be able to handle literal tons of pressure, so only the highest in quality will do.

Quick Connections

The idea behind a quick connecting coupling is that it can be twisted, pulled and taken apart, while still containing the highly pressurized fluid, in order to reconnect different hoses. Even if a coupling can handle the pressure, that doesn’t mean it can handle being disconnected and reconnected a bunch without failing. So quality is definitely important here.

The Right Fit

Not only do these hydraulic couplings need to fit precisely, down to the micrometer, but they also need to last a long time. Who wants to have to change out their hydraulic parts often? The wrong types of couplings can also be dangerous. With all of those tons of pressure, a broke coupling can create a laser-like beam of fluid that injures or even kills. It’s imperative to have the best fit with the best quality.